Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OH, DECEPTION - LDS Hymn Parody #69

OK, I know... I've turned into a broken record (again).  Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself ramble on and on about how the Mormon Church is nothing but a stack of lies - that it is pure deception.  But only sometimes.  The rest of the time I simply want to have my voice be heard - and I hope that by speaking out, people will be compelled to do their own research, to look behind the curtain and finally see the Wizard.  And once they do that, then hopefully they will realize that the deception ala Mormonism runs very deep - and do something about it.

In November 2011, I wrote an LDS Hymn Parody that goes along with this theme.  In that post, I said:

Short and to the point.  Just like the original LDS hymn/children's song -
at least in its length, but obviously not in its point.

Sung to the tune of Keep the Commandments, #303

Why the deception?  Why the deception?
The lies are apparent, of this I am sure.
Look at the history, look at the history,
Ugly and sordid, why the deception?
The lies are apparent for sure.

© Diane Tingen, 11/29/2011

My latest LDS Hymn Parody expands on this theme.  Actually, this new one is set to one of my favorite LDS Hymns of all time - O My Father.  This hymn (the lyrics to which were written by Eliza R. Snow) is famous for speaking of Mother in Heaven.  Perhaps that's why I always liked it so much.  My feminist side coming out, way back then.

I remember not only singing this hymn in church, but also at funerals.  In fact, I think it was sung at my mother's funeral in 1977... back when I was still very TBM and still just going along.  The research that led me to realize the truth had not yet begun.  I had a lot of questions back then, but rather than doing independent research to obtain the answers, I simply adhered to The Mormon Way by believing what they told me - basically, that if I didn't understand certain things, then it was a failing within me.  The message that was given to me was that in order to get the answer to my questions, I needed to pray more, study the scriptures more, attend meetings regularly, and adhere to the gospel.  You know, the ol' it's you not them mindset.  If there is anything wrong, it couldn't possibly be that the church is wrong, so it must be that you are not worthy enough.  Of course, I was also given the message that we cannot understand everything in this life, but that if we endure to the end, it will all be made known to us and then we will know that it was worth it.  With that rhetoric, the Mormons basically cover all the bases, don't you think?

The truth is apparent to me now, but that clarity wasn't obtained from doing all that "they" said I needed to do.  Instead, the clarity I gained was from opening my mind and doing some actual independent research.  I stopped burying my head in the sand - and also followed a famous "Mormon" scripture (James 1:5) - slightly revised:

So here is my latest LDS Hymn Parody... #69... and counting... 
Sung to the tune of O My Father, #292

Oh, Deception, laced throughout it,
Conjured up by Joseph Smith.
He created Mormonism,
Just a hoax, enormous myth.
He convinced them all to follow
Saying he was called of God.
But in truth, he was a shyster,
And the church is just a fraud.

I was born and raised a Mormon,
All my life, I just believed.
Went along with what they taught me,
But I found, I’d been deceived.
When I looked, it was apparent,
All the lies that Joseph told.
Plagiarized the Book of Mormon,
Not obtained from plates of gold.

Mormonism, pure deception,
Not an ounce of truth within.
It is clear when it is studied
How untrue the tales they spin.
But it’s sad that many listen,
Buy it all and just believe.
Unaware of the deception,
And of all the lies they weave.

If they’d only do some research
On their own, then they might see
All the lies, the clear deception
That’s employed, so visibly.
Common sense is sorely needed,
Nothing in it is from God.
It is not the true religion,
But instead, a blank façade.

© Diane Tingen, 6/13/2012

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