LDS Hymn Parodies - M

Sung to the tune of More Holiness Give Me, #131

More critical thinking,
More use of your brain,
More research and study,
More issues remain.
More questions to sort through,
More judgment involved,
More facing the quandaries,
More problems resolved.

More real independence,
More freedom to choose.
More options considered,
More seeing the clues.
More voicing opinions,
More free agency,
More investigation,
More lies they will see.

Less marching in goose-step,
Less toeing the line,
Less blindly obeying,
Less thinking it’s fine.
Less feeling exhausted,
Less doing the dance,
Less worn-out and weary,
Less caught in a trance.

Less mind-numbing teachings,
Less going along,
Less fraudulent doctrine,
Less shading what’s wrong.

Less trapped in denial,
Less scared just to think,
Less Mormons conforming,
Less close to the brink.

More quiet reflection,
More feeling at peace.
More calm introspection,
More turmoil will cease.
More joyful and happy,
More blissful and free.
More sense of fulfillment,
More time to be me.

© Diane Tingen, 6/22/2011

Completely filled with lies,
Created to deceive.
The truth is there for all to find,
Naïve to just believe.

The Mormon Church is false,
Its doctrines are not true.
So clear that it was just made up,
Invented by a few.

The flaws are obvious,
Not hard at all to find.
The sordid history tells the tale,
Not slandered or maligned.

Through research I could see
The lies throughout it all.
Yet others cling to fallacies
Emblazoned on the wall.

They say we must have faith,
That we can’t understand
The ways of God, mysterious,
His ever-mighty hand.

But though that may be true,
That does not testify
To Mormonism’s truthfulness,
The logic is awry.

Not wise to close your eyes,
Submit and just believe
Whatever you are told is true,
The web of lies they weave.

But there is none so blind
As he who will not see
That they’ve been duped by blatant lies,
The Mormon Legacy.

© Diane Tingen, 5/17/2012

Mormonism, Mormonism,
Feel the love in all they say.
They condemn and spout their venom
At apostates every day.
Yet they say in solemn voice,
Praise the Lord, let us rejoice.

Christ-like love is touted loudly,
Loving everyone alike.
Yet their words are very empty
As they criticize and strike.
Such self-righteous hypocrites,
Calling others counterfeits.

Mormonism, Mormonism,
Counterfeit, a total scam.
Its true nature, hard to fathom,
But they just don’t give a damn
As they talk on Easter Day,
It’s not love that they display.

© Diane Tingen, 4/5/2015

Sung to the tune of God of Power, God of Right - #20

Mormonism is not true,
I’m so glad I got a clue.
Turned away from all the lies,
Pure deception, no disguise.

Joseph Smith was just a fraud,
Did not speak the Word of God.
Made it up right from the start,
Bogus doctrine, off the chart.

Doing research on my own
Showed me lies I can’t condone.
Truth is what I seek in life,
Not a church that brings me strife.

Glossing over what is true
Cannot be what’s best for you.
All the lies can’t be ignored,
Seeking truth its own reward.

© Diane Tingen, 02/12/2012

Sung to the tune of Teach Me to Walk in the Light, #304

Mormons say theirs is the only true church,
And who am I to their doctrines besmirch.
But it’s apparent that it’s filled with lies,
Research, research may open their eyes.

It is through research that I found the truth,
Wish I had studied much more in my youth.
But I believed it as they said I should,
Rewind, rewind my life if I could.

Going along when they say just believe
Is what they want as they work to deceive.
Good little sheep, what the members should be,
Yielding, yielding their free agency.

It might be clear if they opened their eyes,
Truth so apparent, there’s no compromise.
Dishonesty manifested throughout,
Fiction, fiction, without any doubt.

© Diane Tingen, 02/14/2012

Sung to the tune of Master, the Tempest Is Raging ‑ #105
1. Mormons, the problems are plenty,
So clearly it’s all a fraud.
I think if you look at it closely,
You’ll see that it’s hugely flawed.
Carest thou not that it’s bullshit?
How canst thou go along?
If you take off the blinders, you’ll see it,
The whole thing is clearly wrong.

It’s clear Mormonism is filled with lies,
No disguise, no disguise.
Whether they tell you to just believe,
Don’t simply accept it and be that naïve.
The facts and the evidence clearly show
What Joseph Smith conjured up years ago.
Just do some research, you’ll see the lies,
No disguise, no disguise.
Just do some research, you’ll see the lies,
There’s no disguise.

2. Mormons, some critical thinking
Is called for, not blind belief.
The questions I found myself asking
Were answered with great relief.
For many years, I believed it,
Stuck my head in the sand.
Though it took me some time to admit it,
Such joy when I took a stand.
Just opened my eyes and could see the lies,
No disguise, no disguise.
I heard the mantra to just believe,
And for many years, I was blind and naïve.
It wasn’t till I did my own research,
Deception I saw in the Mormon Church.
Through my own research, I saw the lies,
No disguise, no disguise.
Through my own research, I saw the lies,
There’s no disguise.
3. Mormons, it’s filled with deception,
Just look with discerning eyes.
The falsehoods throughout it aren’t hidden,
The evidence truth belies.
So many Mormons accept it,
Saying their bosoms burn,
And they bear testimony on Sunday,
But when will the truth they learn?
It’s clear Mormonism is filled with lies,
No disguise, no disguise.
It is not wise when you just believe,
They say just accept it, but don’t be naïve.
When all of the facts show it is not true,
Don’t stay in denial, but say adieu.
The Mormon Church is a total fraud,
False façade, false façade.
The Mormon Church is a total fraud,
Not Word of God.
© Diane Tingen, 5/16/2013


The Mormons won't open their eyes,
Though it's not true, no big surprise.
They just believe no matter what,
But in a web of lies they're caught.
Right from the start, it was a ruse.
Why can’t they see there’s no excuse
For the deceit and what they say,
All of the games the Mormons play.

Their Prophet dear named Joseph Smith
Created it, just one big myth.
The Mormon Church is just a fraud,
It’s not inspired, not Word of God.
What happened to integrity?
Why all the lies, dishonesty?
They work to dupe the ones they can,
A horrible, destructive plan.

All negatives they simply hide,
Actual truth, they can’t abide.
Don’t listen to the evidence,
Cause after all, it might make sense.
Believe by faith, and do not stray.
Free agency given away.
Obey it all, let’s get it straight,
The Prophet speaks, no more debate.

And so I try to make them see
The many lies so clear to me
Though it is hard to talk to them
When what I say they just condemn.
Why don’t they think and use their brains?
Simply content to stay in chains.
Their minds are numb, don’t need a sign,
All Mormons walk the party line.

© Diane Tingen, 7/4/2011

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