Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Very good advice.  For many years, though, I did not adhere to that philosophy - particularly when it came to my religion. Being born and raised Mormon, I simply went along for almost 52 years, having adopted the philosophy of "just believe." I did question some things from time to time, but I also accepted the Mormon-induced mantra that if I didn't understand something, then "it was me, not the church." I just needed to be more humble, pray more, study the scriptures more, and then it would all make sense. Of course, that never happened - but I stuck in there anyway, for a very long time...

For so many years, I was not intellectually curious at all. Since going through my journey out of Mormonism, it seems like my mind and consciousness have expanded in many ways. My intellectual curiosity has finally taken hold, having been squelched for so many years by Mormonism and its tenets.

Looking back now, I could kick myself for being so accepting without questioning it all, because when I really looked at it all, I realized that none of it makes any sense. It is so obvious to me now that Joseph Smith made up the whole thing from the get-go. Totally bogus - a complete fraud.

And with those thoughts in mind, here is my 102nd LDS Hymn Parody...

Sung to the tune of Reverently and Meekly Now - #185

1. Questioning the Mormon Church,
Is it truth for which you search?
Look beyond what they may say,
Just believe, you must obey.

But it’s not a mystery,
If you look at history.
Very sordid, to the core,
Sleazy tales I can’t ignore.

2. Twas made up by Joseph Smith,
Clearly, it is just a myth.
Simply use your common sense
Looking at the evidence.
Not an ounce of truth within,
Though they try to give it spin.
Whitewash it and cover-up,
In the end, it won’t hold up.

3. Mormonism is not true,
Glad I finally got a clue.
For so long, I just believed,
Then I saw I was deceived.
Pure deception, total fraud,
Just pretense, a false façade.
Plainly, it is laced with lies,
For the truth, no compromise.

4. Since I left the Mormon Church,
Many say I do besmirch
As I slander, rant and smear
What the members hold so dear.
But the Mormons are misled,
And I cannot left unsaid
What I see as blatant lies,
My concern, I can’t disguise.

© Diane Tingen, 6/21/2013

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