Monday, April 4, 2016


Here's another LDS Hymn Parody - the 126th I've written.  Of course, this new parody adheres to the general theme of this blog, which is that Mormonism is replete with lies and deception. What's more is that it is very obvious to me that they do not really care about "THE TRUTH."

Facts?  What are those?  Evidence?  Says who?
If we say it's "TRUE," then it's TRUE!!! 

So many members of the Mormon Church hide their heads in the sand, believing what they are told, and not doing any independent research to find out otherwise.  I know because I did the same thing.  Having been born and raised in the Mormon Church, I just went along for 52 years.  I did question things now and then, but I would just put my doubts on a shelf and trudge forward.  But you can only put so much on a shelf until it starts to crumble, and my shelf finally did that after I began to research on my own - first about Mormon Church History, and then when I realized just how sordid it is, other topics as well.  Finally it became blatantly obvious to me that the whole thing is just a scam, created by Joseph Smith for his own purposes and perpetuated by many others ever since.

So yes, I truly believe that Truth Means Nothing to the Mormon Church.  Its members are supposed to "just believe" and "doubt their doubts."  What they're not supposed to do is what I did - engage in independent research because that's when their lies and deception are exposed.  And naturally, the Mormon Church strongly discourages (prohibits) search on the internet, and of course Google is not a friend to Mormonism.

Sung to the tune of Truth Eternal - #4

Truth means nothing, never did,
Lies are covered up and hid.
Mormonism, pure deceit,
False pretense, with lies replete.

All the facts and evidence
Show the lies, there’s no defense.
All made up, so very clear,
By the prophet they revere.

Joseph Smith, a charlatan,
Clever man, the tale he spun
Now lives on despite the lies,
Bogus doctrine in disguise.

© Diane Tingen, 4/4/2016

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