LDS Hymn Parodies - Q

Sung to the tune of Reverently and Meekly Now - #185

1. Questioning the Mormon Church,
Is it truth for which you search?
Look beyond what they may say,
Just believe, you must obey.

But it’s not a mystery,
If you look at history.
Very sordid, to the core,
Sleazy tales I can’t ignore.

2. Twas made up by Joseph Smith,
Clearly, it is just a myth.
Simply use your common sense
Looking at the evidence.
Not an ounce of truth within,
Though they try to give it spin.
Whitewash it and cover-up,
In the end, it won’t hold up.

3. Mormonism is not true,
Glad I finally got a clue.
For so long, I just believed,
Then I saw I was deceived.
Pure deception, total fraud,
Just pretense, a false façade.
Plainly, it is laced with lies,
For the truth, no compromise.

4. Since I left the Mormon Church,
Many say I do besmirch
As I slander, rant and smear
What the members hold so dear.
But the Mormons are misled,
And I cannot left unsaid
What I see as blatant lies,
My concern, I can’t disguise.

© Diane Tingen, 6/21/2013

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