LDS Hymn Parodies - H

Sung to the tune of Have I Done Any Good? - #223

Have you studied beliefs of the Mormon Church?
Have you researched it on your own?
Do you just go along, do not question what’s wrong?
If so, you are not alone.
The actual facts are much different than what
They tell you that you must believe.
If you study the history then you’ll see the truth
Through the legion of lies that they weave.

Then wake up and do something more
Than just bow your head and obey.
There are lies laced throughout it,
Don’t blindly accept it
And give all your power away.

Decisions we make in our daily lives
Take research to make the right choice.
We don’t always accept, and will sometimes reject,
Opinions that others may voice.
And so with religion it should be the same,
Through research the questions are solved.
It takes true discernment to sort through the facts,
And there’s critical thinking involved.

Then wake up and do something more
Than just bow your head and obey.
There are lies laced throughout it,
Don’t blindly accept it
And give all your power away.

© Diane Tingen, 6/11/2012

Sung to the tune of High on the Mountain Top - #5
High on my Bucket List,
The things I want to do
Before I leave this world
And bid this life adieu.
I simply want to be myself,
And empty off my Mormon shelf.
For way too many years
My shelf did overflow,
Just shoving things up there
And watching it all grow.
But then I saw the stack of lies,
The truth revealed, no more disguise.
That’s when I finally found
The courage from inside
To simply be myself,
And I no longer hide
From what the truth has done for me,
It made me strong and set me free.
So thankful that I’m not
Still caught within the Church,
I’m Mormonism Free,
Their doctrine I besmirch.
It was made up by Joseph Smith,
The Mormon Church, a total myth.
No shadow of a doubt,
I know it’s filled with lies.
I’ve seen the evidence
Each TBM denies.
I wish they’d look with open eyes,
Then they might say their own goodbyes.
So now my Bucket List,
A check by #1,
The most important thing
I finally have done.
I’ve shed the pain and dried my tears,
In peace I’ll live throughout my years.
© Diane Tingen, 1/21/2013


How clueless can they be?
How can they just believe?
They’re told to just accept it all,
Why are they so naïve?

Beneath the watchful eye
Of old men in Salt Lake,
The Mormon Church just shovels shit,
Aware that it’s all fake.

The members go along
With everything they’re told,
They’re even told to doubt their doubts,
So easily controlled.

But some do get away,
Can see that it’s a fraud.
And while they waded through the crap,
Demolished the façade.

And so the Mormon Church
With its apparent lies,
Can kiss my ass a thousand times
Since I’ve said my goodbyes.

Diane Tingen, 1/27/2016

Sung to the tune of How Great the Wisdom and the Love - #195

How great the swindle and the lies
That fill the Mormon Church.
So clear to me when I began
To do my own research.

It's clear that Joseph made it up,
Justr spun a web of lies.
And yet the members go along
Though logic it decries.

The history of the Mormon Church
Is sordid through and through.
And when I finally looked at it,
I knew it wasn't true.

Why don't the Mormons question it?
Why do they close their eyes
As blindly they accept it all?

It simply is not wise.

But sadly there are many who
Refuse to look beyond
What they are told to just believe,
Not knowing they've been conned.

I hope that more will see the lies,
And realize the truth.
To live their lives authentically
While they are in their youth.

© Diane Tingen, 7/8/2012

Sung to the tune of How Firm a Foundation, #85

How skewed is the doctrine presented as His Word,
And what Mormons preach is so patently absurd.
What more can I say than to you I have said,
Beware of the Mormons, beware of the Mormons,
Beware of the Mormons, and don’t be misled.

For most of my life, I adhered to what they taught,
But now, looking back, I can see that I was caught.
For I could not see that it’s simply not true.
The lies and deception, the lies and deception,
The lies and deception I finally saw through.

They’ll tell you that it is the one true church of God,
But if you look deeper, you’ll see that it’s a fraud.
Just look at the facts, and it all will be plain.
The truth is apparent, the truth is apparent,
The truth is apparent, no questions remain.

© Diane Tingen, 7/25/2011