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Little flecks of history. Of course, I'm referring to a phrase used by Gordon B. Hinckley during his interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in 1996. In that interview, President Hinckley basically squelched the segment of the interview dealing with the issue of Blacks being banned from holding the Mormon Priesthood from 1848 until 1978. What's interesting is that the ban on Blacks holding the Priesthood was not instituted by Joseph Smith, but rather by Brigham Young. I didn't know that until I began doing my own independent research. Apparently Gordon B. Hinckley didn't know that either since he agreed with Mike Wallace when he said from 1830 to 1978 Blacks could not become priests in the Mormon Church (or at least he didn't want to bring it up, which may be more likely since that opens a whole other can of worms about the fact that Brigham Young was a huge racist).

Here's an excerpt from that interview:
Mike Wallace: From 1830 to 1978, blacks could not become priests in the Mormon church. Right?
Gordon B. Hinckley: That's correct.
Mike Wallace: Why?
Gordon B. Hinckley: Because the leaders of the church at that time interpreted that doctrine that way.
Mike Wallace: Church policy had it that Blacks had the mark of Cain. Brigham Young said, "Cain slew his brother, and the Lord put a mark upon him, which is the flat nose and black skin."
Gordon B. Hinckley: It's behind us. Look, that's behind us. Don't worry about those little flecks of history.
Mike Wallace: Skeptics will suggest, "Well, look, if we're going to expand, we can't keep the blacks out."
Gordon B. Hinckley: Pure speculation. [Laughs.]
Here's a link to the entire interview:

And here's a link to a transcript of this interview:

By saying that phrase - "little flecks of history" - Gordon B. Hinckley was essentially saying that history isn't important, that is doesn't matter even though that stance is in direct conflict with the Mormon belief in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures, which they proclaim to be historically based.

After the 1978 “revelation,” the Mormon Church stopped talking about or discussing this issue, seemingly hoping that the issue would disappear, as if it never happened (at least, in my opinion, that was their motivation). I find that to be very troubling. History is an important aspect of the present and the future. Obviously, we should not be buried in the past nor should we be haunted by past occurrences. But since history plays a significant role in how people developed and how places are formed (cities and otherwise), it is vital that we know how things were done, and how events occurred from an historical standpoint. But most Mormons seem to think that since Blacks can hold the Priesthood now, then the fact that they couldn’t do so for 130 years isn’t important.
Of course, Gordon B. Hinckley’s statement to Mike Wallace in the 60 Minutes interview mentioned above is simply ridiculous. When he said, “Don’t worry about those little flecks of history,” he shot all credibility he may have ever had by trying to brush under the rug what happened in the past. The fact that these things occurred and are a part of Mormon Church history is very important, and should be treated as such. What I find interesting is that until something bad comes up, then history is important in the Mormon Church. What the Mormons apparently want to do is alter historical facts to suit their own purposes.
If history isn’t important, then why do people study history at all? The fact that World War II occurred is important from an historical standpoint just as is the fact that the holocaust occurred. If we bury everything from the past, then history is doomed to repeat itself. This has been shown over and over again in many different ways. A man who abuses a woman is very likely to abuse her again and again; and when circumstances present themselves with other women, it is very likely that he will abuse those women as well. This is true of murderers as well, and they are locked up in prison because there is a strong possibility that they will murder again. It is part of their history, and it is important to remember that. So to follow the same lines, since the Mormon Church was a racist organization in the past, it is very likely to be racist now despite the fact that Blacks can now hold the Priesthood. As I said previously, simply because the ban was lifted doesn’t mean that Blacks have joined the Church in droves. They know what occurred historically, and they know racism when they see it.
And so, here is my latest LDS Hymn Parody - #103 - dedicated to that horrible phrase uttered by a supposed Prophet of God.

Sung to the tune of Jesus, Once of Humble Birth - #196

Little flecks of history,
Shading them, no mystery.
Cover up and whitewash, too,
That is what the Mormons do,
That is what the Mormons do.
If you look at evidence,
You will see there’s no defense
For the way the truth they shade
And the way it’s all portrayed,
And the way it’s all portrayed.
It is clearly filled with lies,
Pure deception, no disguise.
Contradictions are throughout,
Not the truth, there is no doubt,
Not the truth, there is no doubt.
Mormonism, finally free,
Finally able to be me,
Not a Mormon anymore,
On the church, I closed the door,
On the church, I closed the door.
© Diane Tingen, 9/11/2013

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