Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here's another LDS Hymn Parody - the 107th one I've written.  After apparently having writer's block for the first few months of 2014, I seemed to have emerged from that dry spell (at least for now).

The LDS hymn to which this parody was written is lesser known and not often sung (at least in my experience).  Evan Stephens (1854-1930) was the composer of the music to this hymn, and he was the composer of more than 15 hymns contained in the LDS Hymnal (such as more well-known hymns like Let us All Press On (words and music); For the Strength of the Hills (music); True to the Faith (words and music); and others).  He served as the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 26 years, and wrote "Utah, We Love Thee," which became the official state song in 1937.

On the other hand, the words to this hymn were written by John S. Davis (1813-1882), and this was the only LDS hymn for which he wrote words.  

With those facts in mind, I'm sure neither of these men would like the fact that I have written "other words" for this hymn.  Who can blame them?  I'm sure they were both devout members of the Mormon Church and worked hard to make a lasting contribution to their religion.  But they lived back in an era when actual facts about the Mormon Church were not readily available from such sources as the Internet today.  I'm sure they relied on what they were told (as well as their "feelings"), which is understandable in their day and age.  But today, with all the information that is so easily accessible (via Google, for instance), it is so much harder to believe that so many people are duped into believing that what the Mormon Church exposes as true and factual.
Doing independent research is so important.  Relying on what a religious organization tells you, rather than finding out for yourself on your own, is simply not wise.  Sadly, though, that's what so many Mormons do.  They accept what is taught within Mormonism as the gospel truth without even questioning it.  That's why I ask, "Can't You See It's All Deception?"

Sung to the tune of What Was Witnessed in the Heavens? #11

1.  Can’t you see it’s all deception?
Was made up by Joseph Smith.
Are there facts that tell the story?
Yes, it’s nothing but a myth.
Fraudulent, replete with fiction,
Obvious, by research shown.
Joseph Smith was not a Prophet,
As a charlatan was known.

2.  So there’s lies in Mormonism?
Yes, it’s filled with much deceit.
But they say to just believe it?
That’s a catchphrase they repeat.
Please examine every doctrine,
And the sordid history.
Study for yourself each aspect
So they’ll be no mystery.

3.  For so long I just believed it,
Went along with everything.
Just accepted what they told me,
And to falsehoods I would cling.
But one day, I started looking
At it all with open eyes.
Soon discovered all the falsehoods,
For the truth no compromise.

© Diane Tingen, 4/30/2014

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