Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yes, this is the question I ask myself all the time.  Just how clueless can Mormons be to "just believe" without using any type of critical thinking whatsoever? So many of them are very intelligent people, and although they use critical thinking in other areas of their lives, they refuse to do so with their religion.  Why is that?  It makes no sense to me at all.

Of course, I remember being that way.
I was once a TBM - so yes, I was once clueless as well.  But I remedied that situation and finally paid attention to the red flags that were springing up everywhere.  All anyone really needs to do is go on Google and search for "Mormon Church History," because all kinds of troubling information comes up.  That was the springboard for me--studying Mormon Church History with all its sordid details. Realizing the truth behind the facade was my biggest AHA moment - the trigger that I needed to finally awaken to reality.  The truth about polygamy was just the tip of the iceberg (as was polyandry, when I finally discovered that little tidbit of information). Obviously, that's true for a lot of TBMs 
who either don't know or refuse to accept all the actual facts associated with that subject, which is pointed out in the below article... "incredulous" indeed.

Interesting reading - post from "Times & Seasons"

Of course, there are many subjects that TBMs are clueless about, and they really should go on websites like the below one which contains a lot of great information about the realities behind the "Mormon Curtain."

Mormon Think website
But thankfully, like my latest LDS hymn parody says, "But some do get away, can see that it's a fraud..."  And that's what I continue to hope for--that many, many more TBMs will awaken to the reality that the religion they are adhering to is a fraud and opt to leave it all behind.


How clueless can they be?
How can they just believe?
They’re told to just accept it all,
Why are they so naïve?

Beneath the watchful eye
Of old men in Salt Lake,
The Mormon Church just shovels shit,
Aware that it’s all fake.

The members go along
With everything they’re told,
They’re even told to doubt their doubts,
So easily controlled.

But some do get away,
Can see that it’s a fraud.
And while they waded through the crap,
Demolished the façade.

And so the Mormon Church
With its apparent lies,
Can kiss my ass a thousand times
Since I’ve said my goodbyes.

Diane Tingen, 1/27/2016

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