Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yes, I've definitely turned into a broken record... repeating myself, over and over and over again... Mormonism is laced with lies... Mormonism is laced with lies... it's all lies... it's all lies... it's all lies!!!

And perhaps I'm even beating a dead horse... but I've gotten to the point in my "apostasy" from the Mormon Church where I just can't keep quiet about all the lies and deception laced throughout Mormonism. It's just so apparent if examined closely, away from what the Mormon Church deems as "authorized research" (which in actuality is their own white-washed version of everything).

Besides, the ExMormon Hymn Book just seems to write itself...

So here is my 56th LDS Hymn Parody...


Mormonism is not true,
I’m so glad I got a clue.
Turned away from all the lies,
Pure deception, no disguise.

Joseph Smith was just a fraud,
Did not speak the Word of God.
Made it up right from the start,
Bogus doctrine, off the chart.

Doing research on my own
Showed me lies I can’t condone.
Truth is what I seek in life,
Not a church that brings me strife.

Glossing over what is true
Cannot be what’s best for you.
All the lies can’t be ignored,
Seeking truth its own reward.

© Diane Tingen, 02/12/2012

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