Friday, December 23, 2011

To 50... and BEYOND!!!

Well, I made my goal of 50 LDS hymn parodies... and now I'm aiming for 60 (which is apropos since that is now my age).

And here's #51... very self-explanatory, so...

Sung to the tune of Oh Say, What is Truth? #272

O say what is truth, and do not ignore
What the actual facts really are.
Do not hide your head in the sand and pretend
That whatever they tell you is true to the end,
From truth you will be very far.

Yes, say what is truth, not the Mormon way,
Where they just bow their heads and say Yes.
Don’t follow along as you blindly obey,
Just accepting whatever it is that they say,
As they veil the lies with finesse.

The church is not true, that is very clear
If you really examine it all.
It’s simply a scam, a despicable fraud,
Joseph Smith made it up, did not get it from God,
The lies and deceptions must fall.

Then say what is truth, do not simply agree
Without looking at it carefully.
And with Google’s help, you can figure it out,
The lies so apparent, no more questions or doubt,
And then the real truth you will see.

© Diane Tingen, 12/23/2011

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This blog is simply awesome Guinness and going on my blog roll!