Sunday, October 21, 2012

IT DOESN'T MATTER - LDS Hymn Parody #73

Here's my 73rd LDS hymn parody.  I seem to be on a roll again after a dry spell of a few months.  With this one, I've almost made it to my current goal of writing 75 LDS hymn parodies (although my goal will probably be upped when I reach #75).

This hymn parody is very self-explanatory.  Obviously, it just doesn't matter what the Mormons might say to me anymore.  I know it's not true, and there isn't anything that anyone could say that would change my mind.  In fact, I feel so much more secure in my knowledge of its falsehood now than I ever did of its truthfulness when I was an active Mormon.  Back then, I thought that it was true and I just didn't understand certain things.  I blamed myself for my lack of certainty, and thought that I simply wasn't righteous enough or worthy enough to comprehend it all and didn't have enough faith.  Now, though, I know that's not the case.  I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT JOSEPH SMITH MADE THE WHOLE THING UP.  Right from the get-go.  It is very obviously a fraud, a sham, and a hoax hoisted on the world by a con artist named Joseph Smith and perpetuated by others ever since his death.  And for that knowledge, I am very grateful. 

Sung to the tune of Though Deepening Trials, #122

It doesn't matter what they say,
I know it’s not the Word of God.
It was made up by Joseph Smith,
The Mormon Church, a total fraud,
The Mormon Church, a total fraud.

They will not look with open eyes,
Follow along and just believe.
Clinging to faith, they say it’s true,
Simply not wise, and so naïve,
Simply not wise, and so naïve.

When I began my questioning,
It was not hard to see the lies.
History shows the sordid facts,
Open your eyes, there’s no disguise.
Open your eyes, there’s no disguise.

© Diane Tingen, 10/17/2012

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