Thursday, November 29, 2012

OH WINTER NIGHT - Another Alternate Carol

OK, here's another alternate Carol for the Holidays... "Oh Winter Night" (sung to the tune of O Holy Night).  Since this Carol isn't in the LDS Hymn Book, it can't be called an LDS Hymn Parody, but I'm adding it here anyway although I'm not going to add it to the listing of actual hymn parodies. 

This version was inspired by a comment by someone in the ExMormon Facebook group that I mentioned yesterday (when I posted my version of Silent Night), who said that he would appreciate it if I could write secular words to O Holy Night since it is his favorite and it is "just too damn religious" (with which I have to agree). 

To me, there is a huge distinction between being "religious" and "spiritual."  My version of this Carol dwells on love and the beauty of nature.  A person doesn't have to be spiritual, or even believe in God, to appreciate the beauty in the world and the wonder of nature.  Whether the world was created by God or is the result of the "Big Bang" doesn't matter to me.  It is awesome and beautiful no matter how it came to be.

Sung to the tune of O Holy Night
Oh Winter Night, the stars are shining brightly,
The falling snow lay in drifts on the ground.
Everything white in its glistening glory,
Majestic scene, picturesque and profound.
In Wintertime, the world is cold and icy,
So beautiful, a frozen wonderland.
Gaze on the world, and view all of its beauty,
In awe, serene, so infinite and grand.
Oh night, oh Winter Night, oh night serene.
Beauty infused in every waking moment,
With glowing hearts we rejoice every day.
Life is a gift so cherish every remnant,
Treasure each breath and don’t ever dismay.
In Wintertime, the world in solemn slumber,
Is draped in snow, magnificent and white.
Sing and rejoice, let's celebrate in Winter,
Behold the world, reflect on every sight,
And fill your heart with joy forevermore.
© Diane Tingen

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