Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Here's another LDS hymn parody... #78.  Writing these parodies is an interesting experience for me.  Like I've said before, it's very cathartic since it really helps me to work through my issues about the Mormon Church and the fact that I was lied to my entire life.  After discovering that there are so many lies laced throughout Mormonism, I came to the conclusion that Joseph Smith made the whole thing up out of thin air.  Of course, since history shows that he was a charlatan, shyster, and flim-flam man, that's not surprising.  As history shows, Joseph had run many scams before that, but Mormonism turned out to be his biggest hoax.  It is said that Joseph Smith was very charismatic, and because of that he was apparently able to convince a lot of people that he really was a "Prophet of God."  But that is SO NOT TRUE!!

I am so thankful that I finally looked at Mormonism with a critical eye, and began doing research on my own - beyond the facade, the pretense, and the outer shell of falsehoods, and found the actual truth.  Not a pleasant experience, as the picture above says, but unless we eradicate untruths from our lives, we will never reach that point of enlightenment.  But however "destructive" reaching that point of enlightenment was, and may at times continue to be, I wouldn't change anything because I am living an authentic life now, and that is what is most important to me.

Does the gospel seem wrong,
Just deception and lies?
Does it simply not make any sense?
Were you filled with surprise
When you saw the deceit,
When you realized there’s no defense?
When I found out the truth,
I felt hurt and betrayed,
Very sad, I shed so many tears.
But I knew in my heart
And when I faced the facts,
I was lied to for so many years.
It is clear to me now
That the gospel’s not true,
And it’s obvious Joseph Smith lied.
Through my research I learned
The historical facts,
All the evidence I had denied.
When I thought it all through,
So apparent to see,
It is simply not the Word of God.
Can’t accept it on faith
When there’s evidence loud
Shouting “Yes, Mormonism’s a fraud.”
© Diane Tingen, 12/26/12

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