Thursday, February 28, 2013

IF YOU JUST GO ALONG - LDS Hymn Parody #87

For so many years, I just went along with whatever the Mormon Church told me was true.  If they had told me the wall was red, rather than blue as I saw it, I would have accepted that the wall was red and there was something wrong with my eyes and my ability to see correctly.  Even when I did begin to have doubts, I put them up on my shelf, just like a good Mormon girl/woman, and believed that if I prayed more, read the scriptures more, studied more, attended all my meetings, etc., etc., ad nauseum, then somehow it would all miraculously make sense.  Sadly, though, that never happened - and when I finally began doing my own independent research (in violation of the mandate that Mormons are only supposed to read approved materials because everything else is faith-destroying Anti-Mormon Propaganda), I began to realize that I had been duped my entire life.

There are a lot of Mormons out there who just go along, who follow the admonition to "just believe."  But what they are putting their faith in is actually an enormous stack of lies.  If I could talk with each one of them, I would tell them to please do their own independent research - not to let the Mormon Church pull the wool over their eyes any longer, but to find out for themselves.  A religious organization telling its membership not to research outside the approved parameters is one sign of a cult.  If there was nothing to hide, then it wouldn't matter what they read or look at.  I know Mormons don't want to accept the fact that their church is actually a cult - I denied that for many years.  When I would hear the Mormon Church called a cult, I would become insulted and strongly defend it saying, "Oh no, it's not a cult!!"  But in reality, the Mormon Church is most definitely a cult as is confirmed by studying the characteristics of cults on websites such as (and in particular, see  Also, please see Stephen Hassan's website,

And so, here is my 87th LDS Hymn Parody, highlighting the fact that Joseph Smith was a crook who invented Mormonism for his own purposes - and ever since his death, other men have perpetuated the hoax that he created way back then.  I just wish that those who are trapped inside the Mormonism could see the real truth because by accepting everything blindly, they are giving their power away. 

Sung to the tune of Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words - #232

If you just go along and don’t question,
Accept what they say to believe,
Every piece of the dubious doctrine,
Denying they work to deceive.
Allowing the church to entrap you,
As in Mormonism you stay,
Not looking at each contradiction,
But giving your power away.
It’s so clear if you look, Joseph Smith was a crook,
And he made it up from the start.
So don’t just go along, ask some questions,
Do research and take it to heart.
Looking back, I can see the denial,
With sorrow, I sadly recall
When some doubts would arise, I would squelch them,
I blindly accepted it all.
But finally, I started to question
In earnest, my research began.
And soon I could see Mormonism
Was made up by one twisted man.
It’s so clear if you look, Joseph Smith was a crook,
And he made it up from the start.
So don’t just go along, ask some questions,
Do research and take it to heart.
© Diane Tingen, 2/23/2013


GregT said...

"I think among the worst things we can do as believers of Christ, is to condemn others who confess to have faith in Christ, and try to have a narrow definition of who is and who is not an acceptable Child of God." -Presidnet Jimmy Carter

Diane Tingen said...

Greg, I totally agree with your comment. I do not condemn anyone who confesses to have faith in Christ, but I do believe that if they are going to believe in a particular religion, that they need to study what that religion stands for as well as its foundation and history, rather than just go along with whatever they expound. I do not condemn any Mormons per se, just Mormonism itself since I believe it was made up by Joseph Smith from the get-go.