Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Lately, I seem to be on a Google kick more than ever. I just posted a song parody that I wrote based on a classic Eagles song (Lyin' Ways) that references Google, and now I've written a new LDS hymn parody about researching on Google. Of course, the fact that Google is so incredibly awesome is the reason I promote it so much. Truly, a person can find just about anything on Google... and it sure helps with researching difficult questions.

With advent of the internet and the invention of Google (as well as other search engines), it has become very difficult for certain truths to be covered up and hidden (as they were in the past). Looking back at my 52 years in the Mormon Church, I really wish there had been Google way back when. It really would have helped and would have made it so much easier to find out the reality of the sordid history of the Mormon Church and its bogus doctrines. Perhaps I would have left the church even earlier...

Of course, there are those who want people to think that Google doesn't have all the answers. Such as religions and churches (and cults). Google is a gateway to true knowledge, though, whether or not religious leaders want to admit that. After all, it isn't Google itself that has the answers - it just gives people places to look to provide answers to questions that are perplexing them. In my opinion, that's a VERY good thing.

So thank you, Google, for providing questioning people with so many avenues to explore and find answers. You really are awesome!! 

Sung to the tune of Redeemer of Israel – #6

Researching on Google,
The internet age,
On whom for true knowledge we call.
The evidence shown
By the all-knowing sage,
Through you, we uncover it all.

We know you are showing
The truth to us all,
And our lives are much better now.
No longer we’re banging
Our heads on the wall,
So here at our keyboards we bow.

How long we have wondered
Why we just believed
In the Mormon Church for so long.
But through our research
We’re no longer deceived,
By using your engine so strong.

As users of Google,
Good findings for us,
The benefits offered are clear.
Whatever we seek,
You’re a total genius,
To Google, we give a big cheer!!!

© Diane Tingen, 6/16/2015


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