Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here's another LDS hymn parody.  This one highlights, once again, my opinion that since the Mormon Church has numerous obvious flaws (and in my mind is actually false), Mormons everywhere need to stop burying their heads in the sand, blindly following what the church tells them to believe, and do some actual research so they can find the actual truth.  To blindly believe, without researching independently, on your own, is simply not wise.  Would anyone buy a car without doing research on its origins and history?  No, that would be absurd.  Would anyone purchase a house without having an inspection and title report done - and look closely at its foundation to insure they have avoided any potential problems?  No, obviously not.  And yet so many Mormons just go along, believing what they are told, not doing any independent research - just believing and having faith.

I find this mindset to be appalling.  Intellectual curiosity is paramount for a thinking individual.  To be told that you can't do any research outside of approved parameters is not only ridiculous but is also one of the signs of a cult.  If a religious organization has nothing to hide then it doesn't matter what people look at, what they read, or what they research on their own.  I really wish more Mormons would think about that instead of accepting it all blindly.  Instead they choose to "just believe" - which, unfortunately, is The Mormon Legacy.


Completely filled with lies,
Created to deceive.
The truth is there for all to find,
Naïve to just believe.

The Mormon Church is false,
Its doctrines are not true.
So clear that it was just made up,
Invented by a few.

The flaws are obvious,
Not hard at all to find.
The sordid history tells the tale,
Not slandered or maligned.

Through research I could see
The lies throughout it all.
Yet others cling to fallacies
Emblazoned on the wall.

They say we must have faith,
That we can’t understand
The ways of God, mysterious,
His ever-mighty hand.

But though that might be true,
That does not testify
To Mormonism’s truthfulness,
The logic is awry.

Not wise to close your eyes,
Submit and just believe
Whatever you are told is true,
The web of lies they weave.

But there is none so blind
As he who will not see
That they’ve been duped by blatant lies,
The Mormon Legacy.

© Diane Tingen, 5/17/2012

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